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Welcome To The Krewe of Nandi

The Krewe of Nandi is an all female organization in the Greater New Orleans area (Westbank). The organization is open to all women 21 years and older. The Krewe of Nandi will promote self love, empowerment, sisterhood, community service and celebrate in enhancing carnival activities.


Countdown to The Krewe of Nandi Annual Ride

February 26th, 2025

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We believe that love is the most profound experience in the world. That is why everything that we do at The Krewe of Nandi comes from a place of love and care. We want every woman in the world to know she is loved. Our goal is to build a bond of Love,Courage, Strength & Leadership within every member of this organization. As we celebrate our differences, we recognize that each of us possesses a story that is unique to them. We believe that when we lead with love and accept people for who they are, we create something that the world has never seen.


Krewe of Nandi members are encouraged to exemplify positive leadership and sisterhood throughout the organization and in the community.  As sisterhood is built, women will be empowered personally, positively, and socially. We will be there to support, uplift and empower you.The Krewe of Nandi will also expand the sisterhood by introducing and sponsoring other like-minded prospective members committed to upholding the mission of the organization..

"Empowered women empower women." 


We have committed ourselves to be an organization dedicated to servicing the local community.

The women of Nandi are committed to planning and implementing programs that empower not only themselves, but the community at large. We will strive to uplift our community and work towards a greater good.


In the spirit of sisterhood, we will come together to experience joy, celebrate life, share laughter and show love to each other while creating life long friendships and memories that will last forever!

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"Empowered Women Empower Women."


Meet all of the The Krewe Of Nandi's board members.

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